Monday, November 1, 2010

New Yorker in Tondo Stage Play

Stage play makeup is so much fun. I enjoy bridal and glam shoots makeup, and this stage play project has given my passion more room for creativity. I love it.

Charmagne Gilla (Makeup Artist), Mayor Mike Guingona (of Daly City), Jackie Castillejo-Guingona (Wife, & a Filipina Celebrity), & Cel Chavez (Photographer)

Let the acting of their roles begin... scroll for more.

Thank You, Vow.

Making Aling Nena's character more visual.

My brush can be tickling.
Blend away!
A moment when to pause from chatting.

Enjoying the time with Jackie.

Posing with Joji Isla, a Filipino Comedian Celebrity, playing the character as "Totoy."

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